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Questions? We've got you covered.

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Joining SX

We want students who are builders and makers. It could be software development, design, engineering, CAD, architecture, real estate, branding, content creation, or absolutely anything.

Applications close on September 7. we'll announce if you got in by September 10.

SX has mentors that are accomplished founders, domain experts, and investors. We also provide a community to build alongside with, and to push you to elevate your ideas.

Yes. 100%. We fund these programs by partnering with companies, funds, and educational institutions. We also don't take any equity-- SX is solely focused on supporting builders.

Our events are in-person in the Atlanta area, and virtual for non-ATL students. This will change in the future as we expand!

Any student or recent graduate. We accept students from colleges everywhere, undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate.

No, you are in charge of covering your flights + accommodations. We are working with universities to provide reimbursements in the future.

Absolutely. We support builders that innovate in any fashion!


Launch anything you're passionate about.

We don't care as long as it's something you're genuinely excited about. could be in robotics, ai, software, music, whatever — just apply.

Great! Genesis is still ideal if you're looking to make 6 weeks of progress. Consider our ShipIt sessions to share what you're working on + connect with investors or mentors. Consider Fellowship if you'd like to take your idea to market, or scale.

We're asking for 10 hours of your time every week, including time spent towards your idea, and 1 weekly lecture + 1 weekly update from you.

Applying as a team is a-okay. Only one person needs to apply, regardless of the program. Include the other people on your team in your application.

It doesn't matter if you're already working on the next big idea or in between ideas. The goal is to just ship progress for six weeks and iterate!

Ready to apply? No experience-level or idea is too big or small. Shoot your shot— apply in 2 min or less.


Scale & grow your proven idea.

SX Fellows have a team of 2-4 with a proven idea that they are looking to scale quickly, and have received evidence-based validation from customer discovery.

The Fellowship program does not organize internal networking events. If accepted, feel free to reach out to your fellow cohort members, or attend our ShipIt Sunday sessions.

We're asking for 10 hours of your time every week, including time spent towards your idea, and 1 weekly lecture + 1 weekly update from you.

We accept about 8-10 teams a semester, leading to a total of about 20-30 SX Fellows each semester.

We are expecting teams to range from 2-4 members. Please reach out for any exceptions.

Fellowship teams aim to achieve product-market fit. Those that do not however, achieve new insights into potential pivots or new directions for their startup idea.

Ready to take your idea to new heights? Apply now!


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SX hosts hackathons, pitch competitions, demo days, networking events, and more. Schedule a time with us, and let's collaborate in any form that you're looking for!




Connect with our community of student builders, and gain the proper accountability, support, and diverse feedback that you need to elevate your ideas to the next level.

Let's build. Together.