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Learn the ropes of entrepreneurship.
Learn the ropes of entrepreneurship through our 9-week course that covers topics ranging from customer discovery, to revenue channels.

Our mentorship lowers the barrier to entry for students looking to break into the world of startups. During the course, students have the chance to develop a pitch, and to receive feedback that will enable them to bring the idea to life.

The class is open to all Georgia Tech students. All materials are posted online so that anyone can follow and take the class on their own time. All slides and materials from our Fall 2022 class can be found in this folder.
Week 0: Before the startup
Week 1: Generating ideas for greatness
Week 2: Building the simplest thing that works and talking to people.
Week 3: Why you want everything to break constantly all the time
Week 4: All about rocket fuel
Week 5: Telling good stories
Week 6: Building great and lasting companies
Week 7: So you’re not ready to be a founder?
Week 8: Pitch week
Past lectures have included guest lecturers, such as entrepreneurs Seth Radman, Sean Henry, and AJ Piplica.
Questions about the curriculum? Email our Director of Mentorship for more information at
Take your idea to the next level with SX Fellowship.
Have you already built something? Not sure what the next steps are after Startup Launch? With insight from notable mentors, your team of 2-5 can take your idea to the next level through Startup Exchange Fellowship!

At the end of the semester, pitch in front of venture capitalists, notable founders, and industry experts at our flagship event, SX Summit ATL. We had over 300 students and 50 notable guests in attendance.

Our Fellowship enables student founders to continue to build their idea. We offer the community to empower and inspire founders, as well as a network of readily-available mentors and industry experts.
Questions about SX Fellowship? Email our Director of Fellowship for more information at
Fostering community among student founders.
Building a startup is hard. As a student, it’s even harder.

Our membership offers student founders a chance to network and gain feedback from venture capitalists, previous founders, industry experts, and other student founders.

Beyond that, our membership offers a space for like-minded people to share their challenges, learnings, passions, jokes, and more.

Apply via link below, and an exec member will review your application the following week.